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Already taken! :)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

i am about to write another phase of my life since the purpose of having a blog is to record every important moment of your life.
so bear with me if this post is imposible punyaa panjang.
To date, i am now someone's FIANCE.
for an exactly A month and one day..
okay,big shock eyh?
i know.
i guess i am too.
no,i was.
but not anymore.

it all started with a kiss.eh silap.
it all started with a glance at my first ever meeting at my first ever serious job.
stended ah tu,prosedure wajib: scan dulu tgk ade prospek ke tidak.
and i saw him walking into the meeting room.
"nicee.but he mustve been someone's husband"
so i brush the feeling off.
later did i know, he is someone's fiance.
okay,can live with that fact.
but still, he is the only thing that kept me going in my current office.
pegi keje,tgk kerete die terus dapat smangat.
balik keje,tgk kerete die ade terus feeling2,bagusnyeeee die nih tak balik lagi.
haha.super lame,i KNOW.
until one day i received a text from him

"salam,tgh buat ape tu?.kenal tak siape nih?"

and there,our friendship blooms.
the dinner date.
the endless late night text.
the never ending topic while having a conversation.
and from there i learn the SWEETEST fact ever : he is SINGLE.
terus rase macam eh ehh,ade chance siot!
but again, hard cold fact resurfaced.
mamat ni ramai peminat.
like seriously yang hardcore punye peminat.
by hard core,trust me.it really was.
i am having such a hard time by just being his friend.
kene pulau, gado ng colleague
huihh.itu baru cara2 jadik kawan tu.
oh,give up tu memang lame dah.
i dont even dare of dreaming making him mine.
and i told myself,im settled by just having him as my friend.
and he is a good friend indeed.
he is always there backing me up.
when i dont have the ground to stand against the world.
he is always there, listening to my rampage.
he is always there, ajak sayep ke bazar ramadhan when no one else would go with me.
for that, i am truly grateful.
and i seriously contented if he was only destined to be my good friend. :)


things got pretty smooth.
no more gila-punya-admire act.
and we remain good friend
tapi dah slow a bit la.
takde ah text sampai bersengkang2 mate.

4.am in the morning :
he : tak ngantok lagi ke?
me : uish,taklah.segar bugarr lagi ni *texting with eyes closed on*

1 am in the morning:
he : ngantok tak?
me: *already asleep*

gila dah masuk comfort zone dah nih.
at this point of time,
korek hidung pon boleh depan2 der.
until i heard he is transferring, to his hometown.
which is thousand miles from here.
many sleepless night, thinking about this.
i made one BLUNT decision.
i must confess to him.
i must let him know, how i felt.
because,i dont think i can survive if i cant see his car at the office.
i dont think i can survive another day here without seeing his cheeky face.
i can but i REFUSED to.
so with a 12mins sound clip that i send to him,
that change my life forever.

and tanggal 24th of March 2012,
its officiall i am his fiance.
the feeling?
guwa kan cool,harusla cool aje.
tapi surreal tu masih ade la
gile kauu dapat tunang dgn mamat pojaan hati.
mind you,tak bercinta okay?
and looking back at the pictures captured on the day,
i know i was happy it was so obvious it shows on the pictures.
its either im grinning ears to ears or im laughing.
Many thanks to mummey,nabilah,and basically my family for making the ceremony a fun one thats for sure.
And to bestie Izza and also Najiha Jamal,
you guys know you rock by always be there when im in need and keeping my feet on the ground.
And for future in laws's family, thanks for being a great support.i feel welcomed in your family :)

As for incek tunang,
i know ive been hard on you
for that im sorry.
i know i am such a hardnut case for you to handle.
but im adjusting.
bear with me,will ya?
( and aku tau die tak bace pon blog guwe.kahkah.saje being dramatic kat blog senirik)
last but not least,

"Oh I swear to you
I'll be there for you
This is not a drive by

Just a shy girl looking for a two-ply
Hefty bag to hold my love
When you move me everything is groovy
They don't like it sue me
Mmm the way you do me
Oh I swear to you
I'll be there for you
This is not a drive by"

peace out yalls!

ww #1

single-booked-already taken.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

i am guilty as charged.
yeah yeah, i am one hell of a pemalas person.
i know that.
so here goes



i know i havent been the best-est of myself lately for you.
im late for your engagement.
there some misunderstanding during the solemnization night.
yada yada yada.
but trust  me on this,you will always be that girl i wanna call when im happy or sad or just as feeling kinky*hikhik*
you will always be that twin sister i never had.
the one i turn to when i need real advice
izza's dont count as she is as emo as me.
mintakmahapcikmadumanis.#fact nih.kahkahkah
like iim said,you will always be the mature one among us.
when i heard about you and kerol,
erm my first reaction was "man,im gonna lose another friend to a man"
and i started to shok sendiri sendiri punye sedey.
thats why i havent call you that much before your e-day
kinda sad because when its izza's time
i am so overly happy that when she's taken
i came down crashing.
so i tell myself,thats it.
im gonna be moderate this time.
but trust me.i am happy for you.
happy dat when i look at you acting all gooey with kerol,my heart just flutter.
you and kerol are match made in heaven
you speak the same accent (jawa that is.haha)
he treated you nice
and oh not to forget,HE IS SUPERB when it comes to handle gg-beware-im-so-fragile.
remember all those late night calls between us?
kinda miss that.
kinda miss the time when i snuggled in your bed when we were in taayah.
we felt like real sisters.
kinda miss the time when we merepek about texas,us.
before,its only izza who spoke makcik2's language,periuk la,nak masak ape la
now you are joining the group!
masaklah aku nak melayan due ogr makcik2.

najiha jamal,
im not good at expressing my feeling.
sometimes my action dont speak my heart.
and i really hope dat i dont hurt you along the process of accepting that now you are someone's wife.
finally,i am happy.
that both of my favorite girl has been well kept.
well taken care of.
and i am contented that you found your happines,
your soulmate.
your other-half.
and thank you.
for being in mylife.
for being that part who never give up on me
no matter how sometimes i can be mean or just simply ignorant.
you girls mean a lot to me.
there are times i feel like i wanna strangle each one of you
oh but gg,mostly when it comes to you ,aku slalu takot la.
but you guys will always be that one person im gonna wanna call in the midnight
thinking,"hey i miss you"
and,i meant this
you,you CAN ALWAYS depend on me.
no matter how hopeless i can be sometime.
oh man,sedih plak memikirkan
makin besar kite,makin banyak tanggungjawabnye.
tapi,this friendship
this sisterhood will never lose its bond.
i know.
i just happen to know that.
last but not least,
congratulation on your wedding,newlywed!
and know this,you will always be that special person who has kept its place in my heart for such a long time!
i love you kahkak.
and i wish you all the happiness in the world.
be a good wife, and if Allah permit,be a good mother.
make me proud okay?
you are not my best friend for no apparent reason :)

this is my girl.now she's khairull's woman.

till then,
im signing off.

k.ija's engagement day

Saturday, 11 February 2012

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travel update.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

hey guys.
how is it been in the blogger world?
ive been busy trabeling these past few days.
fun.but tiring.
but stil.funnnnnn!
last week i have this one kursus i hv to attend in kl.
and then last monday,im off to perlis for somewhat they called a benchmarking visit to some of the community college there.
its a fun knowledge sharing experience.
so much you can learn.
and so much food to be eaten!
oh my god.
i think i just gained like 2kg okay balik je dr trip nih.
oh not to forget,i get to meet cik pinatt alsooo!
she is gorjes as always.
missing the good old days.
xsangke masing2 dah jadik lecturer.
next week im thinking of taking some time off.padehal baru je amek cuti last week.
my mom ajak berjimba2 di penang.
i bet its gonna be one hell of a seronokkk jimba ever!
okay.need to shower
ill talk to you guys later!
till thenn.

ps:enclosed together is some picture taken during the trip

pss:eh ade satu je gambar.kahkahkah.jadiklaa labuu.
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Thursday, 20 October 2011

You can take everything I have
You can break everything I am
Like I’m made of glass
Like I’m made of paper
Go on and try to tear me down
I will be rising from the ground
Like a skyscraper! Like a skyscraper!

Go run, run, run
I’m gonna stay right here
Watch you disappear, yeah
Go run, run, run
Yeah it’s a long way down
But I am closer to the clouds up here

this goes to whoever trying to tear.me down
i am not as strong as before
but i will not put my footdown
without fight.
i just need time
for some attitude adjustment.

ill become much more stronger
mark my words on this one!

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